Home Town:  Fair Lawn, NJ  

Profession: Software Engineer  


My Biography

II grew up in Fair Lawn, NJ and graduated from Fair Lawn High. After graduation I took some college courses and a computer programming class. In 1968 I  married Rosemarie and started working for IBM.

In 1983 I moved from New Jersey to Maryland after being transferred by IBM. In 1993 I left IBM  because of  major
head count reductions.  I then worked on a contract for the FBI until 1995. In 1995 I started working for Lockheed Martin on various government contracts. I retired from Lockheed Martin after losing my wife to cancer in 2004. I then moved to Leland, North Carolina in November 2004.

When I first moved to Leland I found myself going to the local coffee shop called Gaylyn's. I made many new friends there. I met a great couple named Dave and Geneva. I had them over the house along with seven other friends to help me move my grand piano. That started  a new and lasting friendship. One day I walked  in Gaylyn's and saw Geneva walking out with a young lady. The next day I asked Geneva who she was with yesterday. She told me it was her younger sister Connie. I said "You didn't tell me you have a younger sister!, is she single?"
A few days later Dave gave me Connie's phone number without her permission.

We made contact and had our first date at Gaylyn's. We met for breakfast and Gaylyn put candles on our table with Dave and Geneva there with all my friends.

I met Connie in February  2005 and we got married on February 14, 2006. In retirement I have kept busy, playing piano, and guitar. I teach 8 and 9 year old children in Sunday School, serve on the Christian School Board, and teach a Bible Prophecy class to adults at the First Baptist Church in Leland.

I also build websites and serve in the Leland Baseball Hot Stove League.


At Age 16


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