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Our Christmas Tree
Connie's Handy work

Kathy Recchio's
Christmas Decor

Our Christmas Stockings

Happy Birthday Jerry
December 15, 2016

Phil and Carol's House
Sussex County New Jersey

Mom, Mike Smith, and Andrea's Baby
December 15, 2016

Bobby and Jerry's House

The Kids Ganging up on me
December 15, 2016

Kathy and Phil's
Christmas Tree

Tammy and Chris's
Christmas Tree

Shirley and the Kids
Christmas Lights Show 2016

The Kids with Santa 2016

Jessica, Jonathan, and CJ
Tacky Christmas Sweater Day

Kaylee Recchio's
Christmas Tree

Shirley and the Kids

My Great Niece Kaylee

Bobby and Jerry's Christmas Tree

Connie's Favorite Store
Christmas Shopping 12-19-2016

Bob, Connie, and David Horrell
at Chris' Restaurant
David is my Brother in law

This picture was taken just before Connie
went Christmas Shopping

Connie Christmas Shopping
Bass Pro Shop
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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