My Dad

Dad was born on December 31, 1919 in Dumont, NJ. He was one of 13 children.
  My grandparents immigrated from Italy.
  As a teen my father learned the game of golf by working as a caddy.
Philip Recchio
Dec 31, 1919  to  Feb 24, 1992
  He developed his game to become a scratch golfer. He was very athletic.
  A number of his relatives became professional golfers and bowlers.
  My parents married on September 4, 1941.
  Shortly after my sister Shirley was born, then my Dad was called to service for the
  country he loved in World War II.

  He served in the 5th Armored Division and saw a lot of action in the Hurtgen Forest.
  His experience in World War II had a major impact during his entire life.
  Shortly after World War II, I was born and within a 4 year span my brothers Philip and
  Thomas were born. We were a family of six.
  My father was proud of his military service, he was a provider and showed me in many
  ways what it was to be a man.

  He had a tough time expressing himself, but I knew he loved his family.
  He was one of the Greatest Generation. He died of lung cancer in 1992.
  He was a heavy smoker.

  He made himself right with the Lord shortly before his death.
  I am glad I will see him in heaven.