My Mother's Page
                My Mother's Birthday 2007

                   Me,   My Uncle Alex,    My Mother,    My Sister Shirley

  Mother:    My mother lives a very active life. She is a person people go to for advice
                          because of her love for people and sound business sense and Biblical
                          She has been involved in real estate as a broker and has owned a Christian
                          bookstore, and God has used
her as a positive influence on many lives.

  My Uncle Alex:  Has been a second father to me while I was growing up.
                                        We have
kept a close relationship.
                                        We continue to encourage each other in our Christian walk.

  My Sister Shirley:  As children we always fought , but  we always loved each
                                              other. As we grew up we became close and confided in each
                                              other. Shirley is a very fun person and loves the beach.
                                              She also leads a Bible class in her home.

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