Prophecy Overview
Daniel 9
Daniel Chart
The Rapture
The Three Heavens
The Judgment Seat
The Two Witnesses
The Future Temple
Israel Flees
The Antichrist
The False Prophet
Christ Returns
Christ Rids Antichrist
The Millennium
Final Rebellion
White Throne
New Heaven and Earth
New Jerusalem
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                                                      I hope and pray that God will use this presentation to
                                                      bring people to the truth of God's plan and how it
                                                      relates to them. Some of the events presented was already
                                                      fulfilled and can be proved by history. Just as the past
                                                      events can be proven. The future events will happen in
                                                      exact detail according to the scriptures.
                                                      This is not fiction but fact revealed in God's word.
                                                      Why did God give us this information? He wants to
                                                      reveal his plan to you before it is too late and the rapture comes and you will face terrible circumstances when the Tribulation comes.

 Jesus says in his word
"I am the way, the truth, and the life no one comes to the
 father but by me."
That is found in John 14:6. I have one question for you.

 If the rapture were to come today or you were to enter eternity by physical death would
 your relationship to God be right according to His word?

 I am going to take you to a screen to show how you can be sure you have a right
 relationship with God through Jesus Christ.