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Smith 01
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Shirley, Buddy, Dee, Mom, Connie, and Me

Kathy, Philip, and Tammy

Shirley, Buddy, and Dee

Anthony and Phil
(Son and Father)

Mom and Connie

Mom and Amanda Costa

Kelly and Debbie Scrivens

Mom with some of her
Great Grandchildren

Kelly and Debbie Scrivens

Philip and Amanda
(Father and Daughter)

Tammy, Millie, Phil, and Amanda

Jonathan and CJ
Great Football Players

Tom, Elani, Phil, Carol, Mom, Shirley,
Bob, and Connie
September 25, 2010

Buddy and Dee's Home

Taken September 2016

Connie and Mom
Christmas 2009

Jonathan, Phil, Carol, Jessica, and CJ

Mom and Me
Christmas 2009

Kaylee Recchio

Chad Costa, CJ Griffith, Jonathan Griffith, and Anthony Recchio

Little River, SC - 2015

Anthony Recchio